The 100th Blog Post


As you have probably guessed from the title, this is my 100th post on RootingBranches. I'd lie and do the classic "what a trek it's been to get to this very moment" but, well, I only noticed my post count earlier today and am now flooded with both excitement and fear over how quickly the time has gone. It doesn't feel two minutes ago that I was writing up my first ever post "Germany Part 1: The One With All The Food " and squealing out of fear when I hit the publish button. Yeah, not much has changed.

I wanted to do a giveaway for this post as I have recently reached 1,000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram, though who knows how long the latter will last? (I see you mass unfollowers!). Regrettably not everything has come in the mail yet and I don't fully know how to go about it. Should I run the giveaway on social media? If so, which? Help would be appreciated. That should be up and running within the next week, but for now you'll have to settle on a sappy post written by a girl reminiscing about what she has gained from opening up her heart online.

When I first started this blog, I was 19 and lacking in seeing much of the world. I didn't ever envision myself travelling abroad or doing anything that resembled independence. But alas, I have come far and being able to document my journey on here has been lovely. From covering the last leg of my first ever trip abroad in Germany Part II: The Tourist Edition, to Glamping In Loch Ness, Edinburgh: Ghost Tours, National Museum Of Scotland and Serrano Manchego, Japan Town in San Francisco, my personal favourite Solvang, and the most recent return to Edinburgh with my mother. Though I merely did an Edinburgh Photo Diary for that one.

Speaking of photo diaries, this blog has given me the opportunity to explore so many of  my interests. Photography for a start, which I have mainly shared in A Drop In The Ocean, Glass Windows Of This World, and River Deep, Mountain High. My monthly series A Photo Per Day is also great for urging me to take more snapshots of my daily life. Writing is also a huge passion of mine (whaaaaaat? The blogger likes to write? Mind blowing) which I shared in both short stories that I uploaded Starhill and The Robin. And from stories we go to books, I really like books. And boy, do I show it with a wide range of hauls, reviews, wrap-ups and advice on where to get them. Search the entire category log HERE.

But most importantly, this blog has been an outlet for me to write about things that would otherwise be too difficult to bring up in everyday conversation. It's offered my thoughts an escape without the repercussions of reality, if that makes any sort of sense. Arguably You're My Sunshine has been the hardest one I have written and I still can't find the courage to reread it. Seeing as it was my first personal post, I think it did set the right tone for my overall blog. I started out heavy and didn't want to look back. Of course there are many types of personal. Take for example, the post I dedicated to my mother on Mother's Day To The Lorelai To My Rory, which is more of a happy personal. On a mere informative personal, I have Finding Myself With Online Roleplay.

To go alongside those, I have written many posts dedicated to health, both physical and mental. As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia I have covered the basis of my experience having it in Fibromyalgia And Me as well as advice on 5 Things Not To Say To Someone With A Chronic Illness. When it comes to discussing mental health, I've been more than an open book. In fact, it's as though I've ripped all the pages out and spread them across my blog for people to read. My post Living With Body Dysmorphia led me to the team at #MentalMovement and gave me to opportunity to write for them - both online and in their published work, which was beyond exciting. Since then, I've started my Bath Musings series, which acts as an online journal thing for my bad days. Most recently I uploaded a post covering my ongoing struggle with Social Media Anxiety.

Any regular readers that I have (Hi! Can we be friends?) will of seen building of my and @BilliamSWN's relationship. Our first trip together was documented in the Edinburgh/Loch Ness posts linked above, we discussed everything surrounding his podcast in Interview With A Podcaster and we announced our engagement in Life Update: I'm Engaged! We're actually thinking of starting up a blog together next year, so keep an eye out for that.

There have been so many other highlights from writing these past 100 posts, which really puts into perspective how important this blog is to me. How will I feel after 500? We'll see. After taking part in Blogtober, I do really want to keep a better schedule going with uploading. Sometimes we don't realise that we have something to say until you're forced into writing it, ya know?

So, yeah, here's to the next 100 posts and the soon-to-be giveaway. Whoop, whoop.

My Irrational Fears

We're all afraid or a little cautious about something that others may deem as silly. I'm somewhat lucky in the way of not having a crippling fear (at least nothing that I've discovered yet) that can affect my life in any way. My mother is petrified of clowns and will get to the brink of tears if we stumble across a photo of one, even the word makes her visible shudder. She also has a fear of birds, but in an entirely different way. She can walk on the same pavement as a pigeon - granted, she's pushing me between her and the creature but A for effort, but if you even suggested the possibility of her walking anywhere near a clown, she'd downright refuse. Or have a meltdown. So I guess you can say I have some "bird fears" of my own, minor things that affect me but in a non-crippling way. Only mine can be a little.. eccentric.

Bruno's Current Favourites || That Cat Life


Disclaimer: I allowed my darling son Bruno to write up a post for you all. Now, I truly believe that you'll be safe in his paws but if things get aggressive toward birds or he goes on a tunangent (get it? Tuna + tangent? No?) I cannot be held responsible. 

Yo, my kitty homies. Have you tried this? Hilife chicken is my favourite thing in the world. Well except for myself, obviously. And Mama. Her and chicken are like equal. It's succulent pieces of freeze dried chicken that are so yum they'll make your tail stand up. Every week when Mama goes Bruno shopping I ask for 10000001 packs but does she deliver? Nope. Big fat nope. She says Tesco nor Asda sell it anymore (whoever they are) but I think she just can't count to that many. Sometimes she gets that strange human who gives us paper and boxes to play with to bring some to Bruno, but it doesn't always get delivered. When we do have some, I ask for it multiple times a day and she does give it me when she understands, she's just a bit oblivious sometimes. Like, I'll be sitting right next to the cupboard that holds my food, treats, bowtie and chicken - you know, the necessities to keep Bruno alive - but she just comes and gives Bruno some lovin' and doesn't give chicken, even when I'm asking REALLY loudly. I blame my good looks. She gets so distracted by me. It's difficult being a kitty stud. It's yummy though. Trust me, cats, tuna is so pase. Hilife chicken is the future.

My Social Media Anxiety: Why I Don't Comment Or Tweet You


I've never been the girl to go up to others and introduce myself. I've never been the first to strike up conversation, nor have I openly asked if someone wanted to hang out. So when I stumbled across the blogging community, it seemed like a fun idea. Interacting with people who are of a somewhat similar age group, who have the same interests, and being able to do it all through the safety of text - a shy persons dream. I started my blog after a trip to Germany to visit my online BFF (See blog posts Germany Part I and Part II for details), so I guess you could say that had given me the dutch (or German) courage to go for it. If I had to come to the decision alone, I would've likely talked myself out of it as I do when it comes to most things that involve putting myself out there. Yeah, as you may of guessed, I'm painfully shy. I nod more than talk in public places and mainly stick to people I know, never really able to push myself out far enough to break out of the "routine". I could go on to explain why I'm probably like this - homeschooling, being my mother's carer, BDD - but that isn't really the point.

*NEW* Cattitude Range at Card Factory


Cats are my jam. Ask anyone and they'll agree that I'm the stereotypical crazy cat lady. I once cried over how cute my cat was but I'll put that down to hormones and not me losing my marbles.. or is it, hairballs? Heh. Ha. Okay, I'll stop. As you can imagine, when I heard that Card Factory were doing a kitty range I was ecstatic.  I've always had a soft spot for their gift ranges, and am known to ogle them online. But this time, I want to go to the store to ogle and touch. Everything is extremely cute. I had to do a blog post about them as I think people may not easily stumble across the cat goodness, and you won't find a more perfect range of gifts for Christmas time (which is fast approaching). Better yet, everything is affordable and starting at a mere £1.49. My personal favourites are the wine glass, notebooks, and beaker cup. Majorly helps that the kitty taking the spotlight looks semi similar to my own little rascal, so I'll have Mama's guilt if I don't pick everything up. 

Currently, if you spend over £20 on the Card Factory site you can get free delivery with code "DELFREE20". Perfect opportunity to stock up on Christmas cards, gift bags, and wrapping paper. Let's face it, we all hate having to carry that wrap home. Such an awkward shape when we're also juggling all our Christmas shopping.

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